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Sports & Athletic Camps

For everyone's safety, we're not holding our usual sports camps. We are developing a new website, for release after the major danger of the coronavirus has passed.

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About our Sports Camps.

Our Community Cleanup Program. can help you plan and put on an athletic camp or do one start-to-finish for you. Coach Ralph can also help you or your teams travel to Europe, Australia, New Zealand to play football.

Coach Ralph has coached football in San Diego for 40 years and has taken teams to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and to China. He has put on clinics especially focusing on his powerful and relentless offensive scheme. Check out for more information.

His teams have won numerous championships and have achieved terrific academic performance.

He has done camps with NFL teams and players in addition to high school and youth camps.

  • Learn sports skills and life skills
  • Gain confidence in yourself and your team
  • Travel to other countries with your team
  • Feel valued and build yourself
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Have fun becoming a better athlete, teammate and human being.

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